• The Company focused on creating the values and culture of an organization that are open and blessed the amber benefits to regard can be creative. It is the foundation of the ability to create innovative, resulting in continuous innovation from within the business of the company.
  • The Company will promote and cooperation with the to the business such as a partner to develop innovation in the social responsibility to comply with the distribution of the innovations such as a subject in the development of innovative Social Responsibility.
  • The Company will explore the business processes and the way the Thai society with the development of production efficiency or service, Ungainly Client plus with the quality of the competitive with the balance of the value of social and economic.
  • The Company will help and social development by using the strengths and experience the expertise of media telecommunications equipment. The Collective 15 years to use in the Social Responsibility such as the unique opportunity to understand and to promote the community can access to communication as well as to take advantage of the technology of communication in daily life and a focus on delivery of the unique opportunity for educational institutions to help the class at the unique opportunity to the telecommunication business to a country.
  • The Company has a goal to create innovations for the benefit to the company or the benefit to the wider society innovation that the company created that it will not make the impact to the stakeholder by the company will promote the research and development of telecommunications by the joint development with your customers and partners to help promote the development and innovative new technologies on the Telecommunications to occur in the country by not having to rely on imported from foreign countries only.
  • The company will maintain confidential information or intellectual property of others as of their own.

2.5 Events to the benefits to society and the Environment (after process)

The Company encourages and supports the activity to the benefits to society and the environment by the company is as follows:

  • To support the study by the company donated the telecommunication equipment such as the antenna cables and the optical fiber cable to the educational institutions to use in the study and develop a unique opportunity to Telecommunications.