The combined partnership between DCConnect and IGC expanded with wider coverage, faster speed to market, better cost-efficiencies, and more rapid provisioning with advanced technology.

BANGKOK, 1st Nov 2022 – International Gateway Company Limited or IGC, a neutral regional telecommunications and network service provider in Thailand, has signed a partnership agreement with DCConnect Global Limited from Singapore to deliver better services to their customers. Both parties are expanding their network capabilities worldwide tremendously with advanced SDN technology.

This remarkable partnership between DCConnect and IGC aims to provide the best services for customers to extend its reach globally with wider coverage, faster speed to market, better cost-efficiencies, and more rapid provisioning with advanced technology. Under the robustness of collaboration with International Service Providers, IGC delivers the sophisticated solution by focusing on low latency, rapid and scalable connectivity, and excellent sales and customer support. Furthermore, with the combined efforts from DCConnect, both parties aim to reach most data centers worldwide strategically.

“We are reliable partners to provide great services to our customers. We operate a global packet-meshed network that spans multiple international cable systems designed to offer the highest level of network resiliency. Together with DCConnect, we are connected directly to over 3,200 peers, 32 major IXs, and over 80 points of presence (PoPs) globally to ensure the lowest latency for connectivity requirement.” Pichit Satapattayanont, the CEO of IGC. “With the robust network backbone and advanced technology from DCConnect, we are assured IGC is moving to be one of the invincible players in the industry with a competitive advantage.”

“As one of the top SDN network providers in Asia, DCConnect has extensive reach to 4,063 endpoints from 54 countries. In addition, there are over 1,000 data center coverage and 10 public clouds in 20 countries. The combined efforts from DCConnect and IGC will lead us to reach worldwide boundlessly, we are developing a resilient business model with advanced SDN technology with the features of auto provision, service charge, traffic analysis, etc.” Said Henry Lam, the CEO of DCConnect.

About IGC

 International Gateway Company Limited or IGC is a subsidiary of ALT Telecom Plc., a neutral regional telecommunication and network service provider.  IGC was established in year 2017 to provide wholesale bandwidth for both domestic and international traffic via SRT (State Railway of Thailand) and its nationwide network (so-called GMS network) which has totally about 12,000 km of nationwide-optical fiber network and owns NNI (Network to Network Interface) for 15 Crossing Borders to connect with 24 operators surrounding Thailand and extended connectivity to more than 10 well-known data center in Thailand. Moreover, the Open Access License with 5 CLSs (Cable Landing Station) which located in the most strategic locations for the Submarine Business in Thailand. With Submarine cable network it will allow IGC to play a major role in the Eastern Economic Corridor Project and bridge the Submarine traffic to the GMS Terrestrial network.

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About DCConnect

As one of the recognised brands in the industry with several awards received, DCConnect leverages advanced SDN and blockchain technology to create the first autonomous network ecosystem whereby the partners are incentivised to involve, connect network and bandwidth resources to address today’s networking challenges. DCConnect currently has over 4,000 endpoints operating in 1,164 cities and over 200+ Cloud Platform (AWS, Azure, GCP, Ali, Tencent) DCConnect’s solution was further enhanced and extended by the implementation of more than 1,000 PoP’s in USA, Europe, APAC, SE Asia and MEA via selected partners, and access to over 61 countries around the World.

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