Operating business with fairness

  • The company has created a balance of authority. Responsibility and competence of people making decisions on behalf of the company. according to the approval manual Purchasing and receiving system operating manual and regulations for procurement, etc.
  • The Company has established guidelines in "Code of Conduct" to carry out various activities in a manner consistent with the laws and regulations of the competition as well as cooperate with government officials
  • The Company promotes fair treatment throughout the value chain whenever possible. Both in terms of costs and returns in the implementation of social responsibility, such as appropriate procurement operations, such as ensuring fair prices. with sufficient delivery time and stable trade contracts
  •  The Company has established procedures and measures to prevent involvement or collusion with behavior that obstructs competition by
    • Encourage employees to realize the importance of complying with competition laws and fair competition.
    • Emphasize employees to pay attention to the social context surrounding the company. and do not take advantage of natural or social conditions such as poverty to gain unfair competitive advantages.
    • Set guidelines in "Code of Conduct" for employees to use as a guideline for their work.
  •  The company supports small and medium enterprises in achieving social responsibility goals. by acting as a good role model and providing additional assistance, such as educating sub-contractors in the work process in order to deliver quality work and reduce costs caused by inefficient work, such as promoting the use of available materials Quality is more than a consideration of price alone. For example, choosing a quality FOC cable will help to transmit light signals smoothly along the way. without having to dismantle and fix many points like using inferior quality FOC cables or suggesting how to pour concrete to prevent it from collapsing This may result in delayed delivery due to revisions. and affecting the credibility among customers
  • The company performs audits appropriately. to make sure The company is legally allowed to use and have the right to use the property.
  • The Company is committed to fair marketing practices. by offering quality products Excellent service to customers and ready to respond to customer needs. Give suggestions for using the product. Consultation on how to solve problems and receive complaints in order to achieve maximum and sustainable customer satisfaction.
  •  The Company has defined groups of stakeholders and guidelines for treatment of each group of stakeholders as follows:

Practices and Responsibilities to Partners::

  • Comply with contracts, agreements or conditions. with partners In cases where it cannot be performed must negotiate with business partners in advance to jointly find solutions and prevent damage
  •  Treat partners equally and fairly. and based on fair returns to both parties
  • Do not request, receive or give any benefit that is dishonest with partners
  • Make payments to business partners on time without delay. The company has a payment term for the purchase of goods and services from partners, which is 30 days from the date of invoice delivery. The payment date is set on the 30th of every month if it falls on a company holiday. to be postponed to the next business day The company will notify the payment date of the next year in advance. For the average payment period for partners in 2021, it was 43.98 days, which is a normal average from the monthly payment cycle. which is a normal way according to international trading traditions Practices and Responsibilities to Shareholders :

Practices and Responsibilities to Shareholders :

  • Be a good representative of shareholders in business operations. taking into account the long-term growth of the company's value Including having a continuous internal control and audit system.
  • Perform duties with honesty as well as making any decisions with honesty and fairness to both major and minor shareholders and for the benefit of all related parties as a whole
  • Manage the business of the company To have steady progress and generate appropriate returns for shareholders.
  • Perform duties with competence and care. like those who have knowledge, experience and expertise
  • Report on the status and performance of the company to shareholders equally and consistently and complete according to the truth
  • Do not disclose the Company's confidential information. unlawfully towards others
  • Do not take any action in a manner that may cause a conflict of interest with the Company

Practices and Responsibilities to Creditors : :

  • Fulfill the contract Terms or conditions with creditors In cases where it cannot be performed need to negotiate with creditors in advance to jointly find solutions and prevent damage
  • Do not request, receive or give any benefit dishonest with creditors

Practices and Responsibilities to Customers::

  • Comply with contracts, terms or conditions. with customers In the event that it cannot be done, it must be negotiated with the customer in advance. to jointly find solutions and prevent damage
  • Commitment to satisfaction and confidence to customers to receive products and services with excellent quality under safety and appropriate technology. Including continuously and earnestly raising the standard.
  • Disclose complete and accurate information about the service. keep up with events and do not distort facts, as well as maintain good and sustainable relations
  • Organize a customer service system Allow customers to file complaints and quickly respond to customer needs.
  • Operate at a cost as appropriate as possible by maintaining the quality of products and services that meet international standards
  • Give importance to confidential information of customers seriously and regularly. And do not use such information for the benefit of oneself and those involved.
  • Do not request, receive or give any benefit dishonest with customers
  • Information support Training to provide knowledge about the business of the company